SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – International Waffle Day is on March 25th and it celebrates waffles, its history, and a surprising religious holiday. Here’s a list of the best places in Springfield you can celebrate the tasty treat.

According to Yelp.com, the top ten places you should go to get your waffle on are:

  • The Big Biscuit – 2920 S Glenstone Ave.
  • Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe – 220 E Walnut St.
  • Civil Kitchen – 107 Park Central Square
  • Waffle House – 4128 S National Rd
  • Early Bird Breakfast Pub – 1717 E Cherokee St
  • First Watch – 2946 National Ave.
  • Black Sheep Burgers – 209 E Walnut
  • Aviary Cafe – 2144 E Republic Rd Ste E120
  • Jimmy’s Egg – 3837 S Campbell Ave
  • Village Inn – 4222 S Campbell Ave

According to Nationaltoday.com, waffles came to Sweden near the early 1600s and quickly spread to nearby lands. They were often eaten with jams and fruits, establishing themselves as a beloved treat to be eaten at all times of the day.

International Waffle Day itself is the result of a mispronunciation that brought two holidays together. In Sweden, this Waffle Day is known as Våffeldagen, which sounded a lot like Vårfrudagen (Our Lady Day), a day that celebrated the Virgin Mary’s conception.

Because of this lingual connection, it became customary for Swedish families to celebrate Vårfrudagen with waffles on Our Lady Day. That’s how International Waffle Day ended up being celebrated on March 25.