SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Day three of the Nicholas Godejohn murder trial started today.

Godejohn is charged with 1st degree murder in the death of Dee Dee Blanchard.

The defense began presenting their case today and called their first witness, Gypsy Blanchard, Dee Dee’s daughter.

The testimony began with gypsy being questioned about her relationship with her mom. Gypsy spoke about how her relationship with Godejohn had to be secret because her mom would not let her have a boyfriend.

The defense also questioned Gypsy on her “disabilities” and when she realized she wasn’t really sick. 

Gypsy said she always knew she didn’t need a wheelchair, but that her and her mother gained financial and charitable advantage from the perception of her disability.

After talking about her disabilities, Gypsy was questioned on the first time she met Godejohn in person. Gypsy said it was at a movie theater and her mother did not like Godejohn from the beginning.

The defense followed that up by asking Gypsy about who’s idea it was to murder her mother. Gypsy claimed it was her idea from the beginning.

After a few more questions, court proceedings were interrupted by an unusual smell in the courtroom. The judge cleared the room so that a short investigation into what the smell was could be conducted. The recess lasted for about 15 minutes. Gypsy took the stand again at the conclusion of the recess, being asked about details into the murder plans and discussion with Godejohn.

Gypsy claims she had three plans,

and that Godejohn’s involvement in the planning was choosing what type of weapon to use.

Following questioning by the defense, the prosecution was given time to cross-examine Gypsy. They began their questioning by asking Gypsy about her and Godejohn’s alter-ego’s.

During continuing questioning by the prosecution Gypsy told the courtroom that a few weeks before the murder she began to suggest to Godejohn that they just get pregnant and not kill Dee Dee. She says Godejohn didn’t respond to that plan.

A main theme early on during the prosecutions’ questioning was Gypsy confirming that she wanted murder to be a last resort.

The prosecution then turned their questioning to the night of the murder. They questioned Gypsy on hearing her mother scream while being killed as well as the gruesome nature in which Dee Dee was killed.

Gypsy began to cry throughout the questioning, answering that her mother screamed her name and that she never told Godejohn to stab her mother 17 times or to do it in the nature that he did.

The defense then returned to questioning Gypsy and began asking her about what happened immediately after the murder.

As Gypsy’s time on the stand began to wrap up it was clear that the defense is trying to paint a picture of collaboration between Gypsy and Godejohn.

The trial went to a break shortly after noon once questioning of Gypsy was done.

You can watch the entire testimony from Gypsy here: