SPRINGFIELD, Mo — We’ve all been there: A kid who doesn’t want to eat their veggies. It drove our parents crazy, but now it’s driving a dad to turn his nutritional dilemma into supplemental income.

Brian Carlstrom is a full time dad, turned part time producer of microgreens.

“One of the big benefits is that the kids help grow them, are interested in them, and so then they eat them,” he explained. “I can actually get them to eat vegetables this way. They wont eat mature vegetables but they will eat these baby vegetables. Mainly because they participated in growing them.” 

Micro-greens are an afterthought for most: small vegetable plants harvested in their infancy, but nutritionists say they pack a punch.

It takes less than 2 weeks to harvest everything from sunflowers to broccoli in Carlstrom’s small outdoor greenhouse. Due to the insulated climate, it can be done year-round.

“We’ve always had plants and stuff; Vegetable gardens, but that’s seasonal. Something like this is totally new.”

His small business, Sun + Soil Microgreens promoted local food with healthy benefits.

3 local restaurants are now on board using the veggies as garnish on everything from sushi downtown to burgers.

Brian says the hobby is extremely easy to get into. He purchased the small greenhouse online, and uses only a small space heater to keep it warm during winter nights.

He says if parents or individuals have adequate time, you could even try growing some of these microgreens in your kitchen window.