SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Fighting to end domestic violence and providing support for survivors and their families, that’s the goal of the Greene County Family Justice Center.

The center is celebrating its five-year anniversary since its grand opening and providing tours of its facility to showcase the growth the center has gone through.

“Whenever they are ready to reach out for help, we need to make sure that we have a group of individuals with all of the support services that they might need and that’s what we do here. Offer that all-in-one safe space where services are more manageable, coordinated, and comprehensive,” said Jamie Willis, director of Family Justice Center operations. 

The family justice center helps anywhere between one to six survivors a day and has helped 600 new people just this year alone. 

Willis said when they first started 5 years ago, there were about 11 people on staff helping people when they needed it and now they have more than 40 people on staff.

Today staff members provided a tour of the facility showcasing the space and privacy that people receive when they visit and Willis said it’s huge to be able to show the different kinds of services the FJC offers. 

“We have 9 different partner agencies on site that work together. We have advocacy services from Harmony House and the Victim Center. We offer civil legal services through civil legal services here in Southern Missouri,” said Willis.