SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As we continue to creep closer to the 2016 election, election judges are busy preparing for the large crowds.

Training sessions have been held in Greene County all week long.

This year, the Greene County Clerk anticipates an around 65 percent voter turnout.

“It’s lots of fun,” said Election Judge Lucinda Howard.

When she takes on the task of an election judge Tuesday, it won’t be her first time.

“I believe this is my fourth time,” she said.

This time, though, she does expect a larger crowd.

“I think a major thing different this time is the amount of voters,” said Howard.  “I’m hoping there will be a big turnout– because this is a very important election.”

And more voters calls for more judges.

“I’m thinking we are going to have six judges instead of the normal four– because I think there will be more people voting, lines will be longer,” said Howard.  “And students will be helping us, too– helping people if they’re in the wrong place to get routed where they need to go.”

The judges have been prepared in the form of a three hour training session– learning everything from how to use the equipment to checking people in– to making sure they can assist voters and help in the case of an emergency.

“We talked about going through that– making sure if there is a situation with a voter, they be as kind as possible,” said Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller.   “Try to deescalate.”

“I’m hoping everyone will be calm, cool and collected,” said Howard.  “I  think no matter the outcome, there will be unhappy people no matter which way it goes.”

This year, Greene County Sheriff’s Deputies will also be at the polling places.

“Normally, we don’t have an issue– but elections do bring out strong emotions,” said Schoeller.  “So if that occurs, we want to make sure we can help calm that situation — that way, the rest of the voters don’t feel there’s a situation that would panic them or put them in a siutation where they feel they’re in harm.”

And no matter who you might be rooting for come Tuesday, you are encouraged to get out and vote.

“Voters, get out and vote!” said Howard.  “Whoever you want to vote for, vote!”

Polls will be open Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Don’t forget to bring proper identification.