Governor Parson Makes 5 Stops in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Governor Parson had a busy day making quite a few stops around town conducting ceremonial signing of several bills.

Governor Parson focused Thursday's visit speaking about the state budget, funding K to 12 education, infrastructure, and workforce development.

The governor started his day by visiting Wonders of Wildlife. 

He signed a bill funding and promoting tourism.

Then, the Governor stopped by Study Alternative Center to sign a bill, part of which allocates $1,000,000 to the JAG program.

Missouri First Lady Teresa Parson will be taking a leadership role in the program.

"The jobs for American graduates," explained First Lady Parson, "the JAG Missouri program is a program to support youth to graduate from high school and to transition into college or into other careers that they might choose."

Governor Parson said JAG is all about making a better future for Missouri.

"We really want to give these kids tools they need to be successful in life," Governor Parson said, "not necessarily just get out of school, but to follow them for years after they get out of school, and get them into the workforce. Because they are the future and the more of them we can get into the workforce, the better it is for our state."

Trinity Byrley told KOLR10 how JAG changed the direction of her life.

"If it wasn't for JAG, the JAG family and my Study family, I would not be the person I am today," Byrley said, "I guarantee you I'd be a dropout, probably doing things a teenager shouldn't do."

The Governor then made a quick luncheon stop at MSU, then headed over to OTC to sign a bill funding higher education.

"There's going to $2,000,000 for community college workforce development for the purpose of providing federal matching funds for the U.S. Department of Agriculture," said Governor Parson, "this is the future of Missouri. The two things we're going to be really as a priority is infrastructure and workforce development. And higher education will play a huge role in how we accomplish that."

After OTC, Governor Parson went to Bruce Bradley's Farm where he signed a bill funding natural resources, conservation, and agriculture.

Again, everything signed today was ceremonial.

The actual signing will be Friday in Jefferson City.

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