Galloway Announces Completion of Sunshine Law Requests

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced her completion of Greene County Sheriff Sunshine Law requests Friday.

Galloway's office said they received the requests on Dec. 15 and Dec. 28 of last year, for documents concerning the Greene County Sheriff's Office, or Sheriff Jim Arnott, covering a two-year period. 

This came after whistleblower allegations surfaced, claiming Greene County officials misused public money.

The auditor's office says they responded to the Sunshine requests with immediately available documents and committed in writing to continued review of additional information, with an established timeline. 

Prior to the completion, Arnott filed his lawsuit against Galloway's office, saying the Sunshine Law requires Galloway to provide complaints about the county.

Today, the state auditor's office says they provided the final response to the requests, which includes more than 300 pages of documents, not including, any documents that are confidential, including information that could reveal whistleblower identities.  
The state auditor's office issued a statement saying, in part, "It would be better for taxpayers if there was no additional expense on this lawsuit. However, this office remains willing to go before a judge to ensure those who report concerns of government wrongdoing are protected from retribution. "

KOLR10 reached out to the sheriff's office this evening for comment — they said they are preparing a statement in response.

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