SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —  A Springfield business is partnering with Rescue One to provide free spay and neuter services for area pets.  

Thompson Sales Company will be sponsoring a spay and neuter clinic each month starting in November through 2018.
Rescue One says it’s another way to spread the word about the need for responsible pet ownership. 

“We are helping the community by taking in dogs that they have found, or dogs that they can no longer have, and it just seems to be a cycle that keeps going on and on and on and on,” said Ellen Dowdy, the foster coordinator with Rescue One.

From the rescue side of things, it seems like it’s never-ending. 

“We are all full, we all have a waiting list, the Humane Society, shelters,” Dowdy said. 

She says for years the organization has been trying to make a change. 

“We need to go to the other end of it and maybe try to stop the overpopulation,” she said. 

Spay and neuter clinics seem to be one way to help, so when Thompson Sales Company reached out to sponsor a free spay and neuter clinic it was good news. 

 “I think when we get businesses involved, it creates a whole other audience for us,” Dowdy said. 

 General sales manager Miles Thompson says it’s the first time the business will be involved with animals. 

“We have a couple good friends at Rescue One and some of the employees here at the dealership thought it would be a good idea to help with them,” he said. 

Thompson has agreed to pay the $1,000 cost of a clinic once a month through 2018

“We already got November and December of this year booked,” Dowdy said. 

Each month, 20 animals will be seen, including dogs and cats, all sizes and breeds. 
“It’s something that was really needed, and it just takes someone coming forward and try to help out, so that’s what we’re doing,” Thompson said.  

Dowdy hopes the partnership will serve as an example for other businesses to get involved and that the clinics will help control the pet population in the Ozarks. 

People interested in taking their animals to the free clinic can apply online at rescueonespringfield.com