SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Residents of all ages showed up tonight at the Midtown Carnegie Branch Library to give some items a new lease on life.

The Fix-It-Fair offers an option for those who may have items that could still be useful with a little bit of work.

Volunteer experts were on hand to offer tips and help with repairs.

Some who attended the event, like Mike Higgins, say people today are too quick to throw out items that could one day work again.

“We need to repair stuff. I was raised in a different era. Back in those days, everything was repairable. Everything was rebuilt. And you were scorned if you threw something away that you could really use.”

Michelle Hethcoat, with Community Partnership of the Ozarks, explains why the fair is important.

“It’s a way to reduce recycle and re-use. And it’s a way that folks take items that might be tucked in that closet or garage and get them back into use so they don’t have to buy a new one. And those things don’t end up in the dump.”

The Fix-It-Fair is presented in partnership with the community partnership of the Ozarks Tool Library.