Fishing with Eric Prey - Swimbaits for Pre-Spawn

BRANSON, Mo. -- If you like to get out and enjoy the outdoors, fishing is a great way to spend beautiful day in the Ozarks.

That's for sure. And it's about the time of year to start game planning to catch that trophy fish you have always dreamed of.

KOLR10's John Zeigler recently  got the chance to spend a day out on the lake with pro angler Eric Prey, who gave some great pointers.  We learned a lot, and had a great time doing it. Take a look.

"Today we're out here on Table Rock Lake, doing some pre-spawn fishing. Eric Prey from Focus Fishing Guide Service is here with me and he is going to give us some tips on wrangling in that big bass to put on your well," John says.

"We're looking for those rock and gravel covered banks to throw our swim bait on," Prey says.  "You'll throw it near these embankment points to get the fish that are coming into these points.
You'll throw it, let it sink, then slowly reel it in to give it that look of swimming, hence the swimbait."

Okay lets go out here and find a good spot and see if we can catch a couple.

"These are great places to go because we are looking for those males to come in and fertilize the eggs, and we're trying to get them before they go into these spawning points," Prey says.  "Even amatuers like John here can catch one using these swimbaits."

Using Eric's advice, John does get one hooked. 
"This one is networthy! Grab the net," he says.  "Looks like a big smallmouth.  No. It's a sucker," Prey says.
"That's just good stats right there," John says.

We'll be bringing you updates like that over the next few weeks, throughout spawning season before summer hits.

Look for Eric's videos on YouTube

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