BRANSON, Mo. – It appears Branson will have another new attraction to offer visitors this summer and it shouldn’t be hard for them to find.

“Bigfoot on the Strip” is beginning to take shape. The tower, which will feature two new rides, currently stands at 80-feet tall.

When the project is finished the tower will be more than 200-feet tall – 50 feet taller than the Branson Ferris Wheel.

One of the new rides will be an eight-person free fall drop that general manager, Emma Hamilton, says is a “true” fall for some 130-feet before riders are “caught” by magnets.

The second ride is something called a “saddle swing,” and it too promises to give riders a great view of the city.

“Two riders sit back-to-back and they have a strap that comes across each shoulder and one across their lap,” she says.

“When it shoots off they’re going to go straight up in the air and then – it depends on what they choose to do – they either come straight back down, or it shoots them up in the air and they can spin end over end all the way back down,’ Hamilton says.

The $10-million project will also transform the former $1 Shop on Highway 76 into a 4,000 square foot arcade room and interactive theater.

The development will also feature a food truck court – a first for the city of Branson.

Hamilton expects the project to be complete in May of 2017.