Fireworks Sales Kick Off with a Boom

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It's the first day of summer and if the weather wasn't a sure indication - this is.

The "open for business" signs are going up at fireworks stands all across Missouri.

This is Tojo's Fireworks on East Sunshine.

The manager says they had an empty tent last Friday.

But Tuesday, it was full of the latest pyrotechnics.

They can sell fireworks under the tents until July 10.

Each year, she says the explosions seem to get bigger and brighter.

But if you have little children, there's the smaller and safer variety, too.

"If you're a kid, we have a huge display that's just great with parachutes and smoke items, sparklers, all that fun stufff for kids. And for big kids, lots of reloadables and for me, the moms in the family who just want to light it and have a great display, we have that too," Teresa Worley, of Tojo Fireworks, said.
You can find big names under the tents, like the Duck Dynasty guys and even wedding sparklers that display in gold colors. 

Please remember to be safe and don't shoot anything of within Springfield city limits - it's against the law.

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