GRANDVIEW, Mo. — People across Grandview, Missouri reported hearing a blast Tuesday night, with some people up to 13 miles away saying they felt it.

The explosion was followed by a series of smaller ones.. all coming from a lawncare business, J.W.’s Lawn and Garden Equipment.

City officials say ammunition may have caused the blasts.

Heavy smoke and flames engulfed the building,  but firefighters have been waiting until it is safe to go inside.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been called to investigate.

Larry Hibner was a witness to the blast.  “I heard it. I heard a real loud boom followed by a bunch of other loud booms. At first it sounded like those fireworks from like M-80s like they shoot off around New Year’s.”

Officials say no one was injured in the fire. The owner was not inside the building at the time.

Windows in seven homes and 19 apartments were blasted out due to the explosion, according to a release from the City of Grandview.

The release states that firefighters went into defensive mode when they arrived at the scene because of reports of ammunition in the building. Firefighters reported at least a dozen explosions and say they heard the constant “pops” of ammunition going off. 

(KSHB for CNN)