FDA issues recall of tattoo ink

SPRINGFIELD Mo.--  A few tattoo inks have been recalled due to the potentially causing an infection.  

The FDA issued a recall Wednesday, May 15, for six types of ink. The ink contains micro-organisms that can cause infection. The recalled ink is made by "Scalp Aesthetics," "Dynamic Color," and "Color Art."

One local tattoo artist said safety is always a priority and attention to detail is key.

Marshall Richards, a tattoo artist in Springfield, said the tattoo community is tight-knit and word about recalls like this travels fast. He said artists and customers both have a responsibility.

"It's definitely good to be aware of what your body is doing,"  Richards said. "Going to a reputable tattoo artist that's going to use good quality ink and make sure that you're safe. That's the first and foremost."

If you're getting a tattoo, ask your artist about the ink they use. If you recently got a tattoo and you're experiencing any signs of an infection, call your doctor and tell your artist.

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