SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A nationwide white nationalist and fascist organization is putting up advertisements in Springfield.

The group is named Patriot Front and it’s one of the largest fascist organizations in the United States, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group was created in 2017 in response to the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally. Patriot Front broke off of its parent organization, a neo-Nazi group called Vanguard America, which joined in at the rally.

A large part of Patriot Front’s focus is spreading its image and ideals through graffiti such as stickers urging people to sign up to join and stenciled graffiti. Public spaces around Springfield have been hit several times by spraypaint graffiti advertising for the group.

The neo-Nazi group has a feed that periodically lists cities around the nation where members have vandalized. On July 27, the group posted 12 photos of stickers of propaganda stickers in locations around Springfield. The stickers have slogans such as “Reclaim America,” “Revolution is Tradition,” “For the Nation Against the State,” and “Not Stolen — Conquered” with an outline of the United States. Most of the stickers advertise the group’s website.

According to the Patriot Front website, Missouri has received 34 “instances of activism.” Activism events include things such as placing banners, tagging, training meetings and putting up posters. According to Patriot Front, they have gone on at least two organized hikes.

Jenny Edwards, the public information administrator for the Springfield-Greene County Park Board, said that the city has had several reports of vandalism from the group, including spraypaint graffiti. She said they work quickly to remove the tags and stickers as they pop up.

“Vandalism is just a fact of life in parks,” Edwards. She added that anyone who finds spraypaint graffiti or stickers can contact the park board.

If you find any Patriot Front stickers or graffiti — or any kind of inappropriate graffiti, for that matter — you can contact the park board at 417-864-1049 to make a report.

Patriot Front has not responded to requests for interviews or information about their involvement.