Farmers in Perryville Get "HELP" After Tornado Damage

State Rep. Urges Others to Sign Up

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Business owners in Perryville, Missouri have received a little 'HELP' from the state after a tornado swept through the community on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

According to a press release from State Treasurer, Eric Schmitt, Missouri has activated a disaster relief program for farmers and small business owners affected by the storm's destruction.

The Harmed-area Emergency Loan Priority system, also known as HELP, will provide low-interest loans pending a 24-hour approval for those in need of a little extra income to repair damage,

“By activating the HELP system, we are ensuring that those whose fields, equipment, and structures were damaged have an affordable way to finance rebuilding. By streamlining the approval process, this program will help affected farmers and small businesses return their operations to fully functional status as soon as possible," says Schmitt.

Perryville's State Representative, Rick Francis, praised Schmitt for his dedication to the cause and had some wise words for those who may benefit from the program.

“I encourage every farmer impacted by the storm to consider participating in this program,” said Rick Francis, State Representative from Perryville. “Farmers are the backbone of our community, and Treasurer Schmitt’s commitment to helping us rebuild is a true display of leadership.”

HELP is administered through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program which is funded by Schmitt. Small businesses with us to 99 employees and farmers are eligible to receive these loans.

An extensive list of participating lenders and program eligibility guidelines can be found online aT

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