Family Uses Voice Messaging Service to Aid Search for Missing Pet

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--Dark days have fallen on the Gillett household.

"First we went out and looked for him. We put up posters everywhere. We probably put up sixty posters at stop signs everywhere," says Jared Gillett, whose dog Baxter is missing.

Gillett and his family even took to Facebook and Craigslist to broaden their search.

"Somebody responded to my post saying you should try," says Gillett.

The Gillett's went with the basic package for $99. The service includes 35 fax alerts to nearby shelters and vet offices, Facebook ads, and makes calls to 450 of the nearest phone listings.

Sally Nail of the Humane Society stresses how crucial it is to get the word out quickly.

"The first people you would want to contact is your neighbors," says Nail. "If a service is doing it and contacting your neighbors, those are the first people you want to alarm. It gets them out looking as well and keeping their eye open for your pet."

Jared and his family are hoping for the best.

"We are just hoping that somebody has him at this point because it's been a week. I think the kids are the ones who notice it the most, they're the ones crying."

Even through the tears, the kids put Baxter's food, water, and bed on the front steps, just in case he decides to come back.

"We just told the kids that he got out, and we're trying to find him. They're part of it, they're helping find him too. Dogs have a way of finding people."

Baxter is a small dog who looks like a miniature Doberman. If you find Baxter, you can call the family at 417-631-1460.

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