SPRINGFIELD, MO. – A family is continuing to fight for change after they said their son was discriminated against at a Springfield high school.

Kylan Mabins was originally a quarterback at Kickapoo, but his family said he experienced harassment there which led him to transfer to Glendale.

“Our report of discrimination wasn’t just about us,” Darline Mabins said. “It was for the students who were not able to speak up for themselves as to all forms of misconduct toward the student. Our report and court action have included those students and parents who sought help and received none.”

Mabins’ family filed a lawsuit against Springfield Public Schools (SPS) and the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) after the organization ruled him ineligible to play.

“We provided numerous statements and repeatedly asked SPS and MSHSAA to seek the truth and comply with their policies,” Mabins said. “Instead, it took a court action.”

A two-day hearing wrapped up last week with Mabins and several SPS coaches and administrators taking a stand. 

Judge Derek Ankrom granted an injunction to allow the senior to play, giving him a chance to participate in last Friday’s game against Bolivar.

“The judge having heard the evidence issued an order of injunction and found evidence of fraud, malice, and collusion,” Mabins said. “False representations are made, policies ignored, in the pursuit of harming and disenfranchising a student, my son from future academic opportunities.”

Mabins’ family said the matter should have been handled before it got it court.

“What happened to Kylan and us as parents should not occur,” Mabins said. “But unfortunately, it appears to be repetitive occurrence within our district. In the past week, we have heard from families that expressed sentiments along the lines of I wish we would have pursued the misconduct toward our son or daughter, but no one listened or seemed to care.”

Mabins’ attorney also spoke on Tuesday, stating there needs to be change to prevent this from happening to another student.

“Lies were stated, lies were made, and that’s what harmed this family,” Jay Kirksley said. “What legitimate reason can there be for making lies about a student? There is not a legitimate reason that should never occur. No student athlete should be part of an environment which is toxic.”

SPS has maintained its position that the school district’s employees acted appropriately in this matter.

“It is disturbing that SPS has issued a press release continuing to maintain such conduct is appropriate and per policies,” Mabins said. “It is disturbing that once again it seems that employees who violate SPS policy will not be held accountable by administration or the board for their conduct.”

Darline Mabins is speaking at Tuesday night’s board meeting in the hopes of eliciting change from the district.