SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Family and friends are mourning the loss of Stephen Meyle, who died after someone stabbed him on May 13.

“When I first got the phone call, I already knew my son was gone,” Mother Christi Horowitz said.

On May 13, police said Meyle was dropped off at CoxNorth Hospital with a stab wound. He was then rushed to CoxSouth Hospital but eventually died from his injuries.

“Absolute devastation,” Horowitz said. “You’re in shock and then you’re okay. And then you just have to go through the process and then you’re in shock again and then you’re falling apart again.”

Meyle’s mom and brothers immediately came to Springfield from Washington. Now, they’re all in St. Louis as Meyle was a registered organ donor.

“First thing I said to the nurse in the intensive care was, please get the organ team together,” Horowitz said. “This is inevitable. We know what’s coming. Get them ready. Saturday night, the organ transplant team had contacted us and we began just giving permission.”

Giving back is something Horowitz and his brothers said he was born to do.

“We’ve heard from so many people how much he did for them,” Horowitz said. “He was able to continue to give and help many others. Who could ask for more.”

One of the people Meyle helped was Heather Cole.

“I met him 12 years ago when I became homeless,” Cole said. “He helped me through the first week and put me under his wing and sheltered me and helped me get adjusted.

Cole said Meyle was working to turn his life around after getting in trouble with the law.

“He didn’t have the perfect life, but he sure didn’t deserve to be stabbed,” Cole said. “Even to this day, if I called him up and said, I need your help, he would be there in an instant.”

With Meyle being an organ donor, his family can find peace within the pain knowing he’s continuing to help others after his passing.

“My worst Mother’s Day ever was [hearing] my son is dead,” Horowitz said. “I know [Meyle] is thrilled knowing there are lots of moms getting a call and he would be right here saying, Mom, that’s the way I want it. That’s good. Don’t be sad, Mom.”

Detectives are gathering more information before submitting the case to the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office. If you have any tips, you are asked to call Springfield Police.