FAIR GROVE, Mo. – On Aug.15, the Fair Grove Fire Protection District responded to a severe ATV crash. They realized when they got to the scene it was for one of their own.

“There’s a job to do, but there is the extra emotional level that you have to overcome whenever it’s somebody that you know so well,” said Fire Chief Randall Hoskins.

Justin Stanley was riding his ATV at home alone when he was thrown off.

His wife, Natasha, said there weren’t a lot of outward signs of major injuries.

“They were concerned because they didn’t know how long he had been down before somebody found him lying there in the ditch by our house,” Natasha said.

Justin, who is still hospitalized, suffered an open book fracture to his pelvis and broke several ribs.

“Thankfully his spine and his head were okay and that’s what we are most thankful for,” Natasha said. “The doctors say that he’s expected to be able to recover fully. It’s just going to take time for his body to heal and get through this process.”

For now, he’s bound to a wheelchair for at least 12 weeks.

This accident isn’t the only hardship the Stanley family faced this year. In May, the Stanleys lost their baby before she was born. Then, Justin was diagnosed and beat, thyroid cancer.

“Earlier in the year, the biggest challenge was emotionally and mentally, with losing our daughter,” Natasha said. “This go round, I think it’s going to be more physical and the financial help will help us get through some of these hurdles.”

The Stanleys say they are thankful for the support they’ve received as they begin the road to recovery.

“He can be kind of intimidating, but he’s quiet and he’s always willing to help…. he just really enjoys life,” Chief Hoskins said. “He enjoys helping people.”

“I’m thankful for the person who stopped by and saw him in the ditch because if they hadn’t stopped, I don’t think he would be here with us,” Natasha said. “I don’t know who that person is, but I’m very thankful for them.”

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