BRANSON, Mo. – A new attraction in Branson is hoping visitors will “think outside the box” when making their vacation plans this season.
2016 will mark the first full year for “Escape Code,” located in the Shoppe’s at Branson Meadows.
Similar to some of the businesses in Springfield, the game requires customers to think their way out of a locked room in less than an hour.
In order to exit the room, keys must be found and several clues solved before the clock hits zero.
Escape Code owner John Burton says the game is great for building relationships between friends and co-workers.
“It’s something that you’re not going to find in the traditional entertainment world that we’ve all grown up in,” Burton says. 
“It’s a fresh concept,” he says. “When people play escape rooms, whether it’s here or anywhere, there’s just something about it that just draws you in.”
Escape Code currently has two themed rooms to escape from, but plans are in the works to add two more in the near future.