Elevated Water Never Seen Before at Smallin Cave

CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. -- Christian County's Smallin Cave had higher water than it's owners have ever seen after last weekend's heavy rain.

KOLR10 took a look this morning and saw much of it had receded and school tours were underway.
The owner says water washed about 100 feet onto the suspended walkway and lightbulbs inside the cave were missing, washed out from the intense water.

The Smallin Cave Owner, Wanetta Bright says:

"When you get rain water flows down through the cracks through the lime stone and goes done into the arth and funnels into the cave. I tell school kids it's like natures plumbing. No one knows for sure a mile to the north this cave has been mapped. But the problem is once you get theres flowstone, theres mud, it becomes very small. So to this day no one knows for sure just were this water comes from. There was a short time on Saturday night and early Sunday morning that the water did come up higher than the walkway we have a walkway back to about 550 feet into the cave and we've never seen it come up over the walkway. There was water 100 feet over the trail, debris, logs, and all sorts of things washed in. That's a first for us, we've owned it since 2009. We have three lights in the back and my husband went back there and found they were gone probably on their way to the Mississippi by now. This is still flood stage because the water is still murkey but not like it was on Saturday night. In this cave you've always got water, water is a given."

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