SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Public Schools are asking parents for feedback on a couple of holiday schedules for fall and winter break for the 2023-2024 school year.

SPS is considering having students have either a week-long Thanksgiving break or a week-long winter break.

Option 1 is the long Thanksgiving break. Students would be out of school Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 20-21, and then have the rest of the week off for the holiday. When students go on winter break, they would return on Jan. 4, which would be on Thursday. 

Option 2 is the long winter break. When students go on winter break, instead of coming back to school on Jan 4, they would come back a few days later on Jan. 8, which would be on a Monday. For Thanksgiving break, students would go to school on Nov. 20-21, which would be Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

There are a couple of other details on the following options that are the same.

  • Both options include students not going to school on election day, Nov. 7.
  • The last day of school would be May 23, 2024.

SPS students returned to school today after having the entire last week off school.

Parents can vote for one of the options on the SPS website.