SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–The founder of Eden Village, which is housing meant for the chronically disabled homeless here in Springfield, are partnering with sun solar.

Solar panels will now sit atop the tiny homes including the community building helping save on utility bills or eliminate them completely.

There are 30 homes in total each around 400 square feet with a bedroom bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

Sun Solar is also contributing by donating a solar panel from each home or business that purchases a system for itself.

Caleb Arthur of Sun Solar and David Brown who co-founded Eden Village believe they are a gift that keeps on giving.

“If someone is going to go out of their way to have tiny homes built and donated and developed in this community then it’s just a small part we can show that you can build these communities to be sustainable,” said Arthur.

“This is not only a gift their giving us which is dollar value – very high – but it’s a gift that keeps giving ’cause every month it cuts into our electrical bill or totally eliminates it so it’s not only an initial gift but a gift that goes on and on and on so we’re just so appreciative of that,” said Brown.

The grand opening of Eden Village will take place August 22nd when they will house their first resident.