Earth Day Celebration Promotes Land Preservation, Renewable Energy

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A local spiritual center hosted its first Planet Unity Earth Day Celebration.

The Unity of Springfield church on East Seminole invited families to come out for kid-friendly games, yoga and live music.

The founders of the church have been trying to promote land preservation and renewable energy for over 100 years.

But, the main take away the group hopes to achieve is educating the public on environmental awareness.

"Our mission is to create (a) connection with our community and then to educate people and raise awareness about the environment and things that everybody can be doing to decrease our footprint on this planet and to really be mindful," Sue Vaggett-Spears, Unity of Springfield spiritual leader, said. 

This year's topic is how to reduce plastic pollution.

Leaders are asking people to be mindful of your use of plastic straws and bottles because they can negatively impact marine life.

Alternatives include corn-based products that are biodegradable.

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