Drury University Buys Property From Popular Popcorn Place

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- After nearly three decades of stuffing his family's livelihood into snack boxes and then fitting those snacks into shippable packages, Nick Swanson has become pretty good at packing. 

"The way we produce it, there's a lot of labor involved,” he says. “It's fun to create a quality snack that people are excited to come and try."

It'll be a useful skill to have here over these next few months as the building Ozark Mountain Popcorn partially occupies (which has for years also been home to Autotronics gas station and Dr. Phil's Glenstone Motor Company) was purchased by Drury University. 

"We anticipate it'll be one of our major front doors to campus," says Drury University's Dave Hinson. "In all likelihood, it'll be some kind of academic building. But it's really up to the campus and the community to determine what's best."

Already in transition, the gas station no longer has working gas pumps and customers of the auto shop are showing up to empty garages.

"I got this auto inspection thing I need to do,” said one man visiting Dr. Phil’s Glenstone Motor Company. "It looks like it's open but apparently they're not. They're not doing business."

As it turns out, the cornerstone of the Swanson family business is selling like crazy and will continue to as soon as the family finds a place to relocate. 

"Moving is not going to be a tough process. Not for popcorn," says Swanson. 

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