SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Should the U.S. adopt a single-payer healthcare system?

That was the topic at this public debate at Drury University’s Clara Thompson hall tonight.

The conversation is part of the school’s Breech Business week.

The public got a chance to ask questions of two healthcare experts who spoke for and against the single-payer system idea.

“I think it’s extremely important because we’re talking about their financial future,” said Economics Professor Steve Mullins. “Forecast on what we’re going to be spending on health care in the U.S. in the future, with the baby boomer population maturing.  If we don’t change our system and make it more efficient, our students will see burdensome tax increases in the future under the status quo”.

Each year the Breech Business week aims to help students engage in activities related to career preparation by inviting local business leaders onto the campus for these types of discussions.