SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —  With the winter weather moving in, drivers are urged to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios– especially if something goes wrong.

With winter weather, can come many road hazards.

Law enforcement agencies want everyone to be prepared and to keep things like ice and snow scrapers in their cars. 

Law enforcement officers say it’s important to always err on the side of caution.

“If you don’t have to be out– don’t,” said Sgt. Jason Pace with the Missouri Highway Patrol.

But, in the case you’re one of those people who absolutely has to be out in this winter weather, make sure your vehicle is in proper working condition.

“You don’t want to wait too late to look at belts, cables, fluid levels, batteries, and pressure in your tires,” said Sgt. Pace.

And while the wheels on the car go ’round and ’round, keep in mind– it’s even harder to stop them in the snow and ice.

“Whether it be snowy, icy conditions or drier conditions– sadly, we’ve worked crashes and fatal incidents where a person is struck,” said Sgt. Pace.  “So, understand in these conditions, roads will be more dangerous.  So, when these vehicles are trying to slow down and move away from you, it may be more difficult.”    

To date, 83 pedestrians have been killed in Missouri traffic crashes this year.  If you do find yourself having car trouble this winter, it’s best to stay inside the car and call an agency for assistance.

“Especially on an icy or snowy road,” said Sgt. Pace.  “Because other vehicles could be traveling out of control that can strike your vehicle or strike yourself.”

Missouri Highway Patrol troopers say to put your hazard lights on, your car hood up, and make people aware of the fact you’re broken down.

“If you’re not familiar with the area– stay inside your car, raise your hood, put hazard lights on and dial 911 or *55,” said Sgt. Pace.  “We will be out there to provide assistance.”

It’s smart to also have blankets, extra clothes, a flashlight, and jumper cables inside your vehicle.

Also– before driving, always make sure your windows and windshields are completely clear of snow and ice and increase your distance behind the car in front of you.