SPRINGFIELD, Mo — Springfield residents will remember the surveillance video from July that caught the moment a pet owner abandoned their dog, Hope, alongside a road in Greene County.

96 degree temperatures that day tore off her paw pads as she chased her owner down the road.

4 months later, we have some good news to report: Hope not only has a new home, but she is enjoying the outdoors again with her new dad Mike, who has more in common than you might think.

“I basically called and said, “Sarah, find me a dog,” Mike Gilles explained when he called Rescue One.

“I wanted one that would go outside and do the trail with me and start running.”

“She said, ‘I have the dog right now!’ It’s Hope.”

None of us should be alone on this journey called life, but if you think this story is about man rescuing dog, think again. 

“I haven’t had a dog in a long time. It’s just me here in Texas and I really needed a companion to do stuff with. She’s been that for me,” said Mike Gilles.

Mike says Hope has become quite the gecko hunter in her short Texas tenure, although not very successful. That’s more of a hobby.

Her full-time occupation revolves around the trail, and finding her way, with a man who needed a little guidance himself. 

“She’s gotten a little chunky. We need to get out some more. We just got off a weekend hike in Arkansas at a hiking trail and she did really well. She has a food pack that she carries and she is part of the group.”