Doctor Shares Warning Signs for Heat Illnesses

The Ozarks is feeling the heat, but we're not alone.

Much of the country is dealing with temperatures that are higher than normal, along with oppressive humidity.

A doctor from the Rush Medical Center in Chicago says heat illness can sneak up on you, and shares some signs you shouldn't ignore this summer.
"So some signs of dehydration, if you feel parched feel excessive thirst, feel like you're not sweating as much as you should be while you're outside," Dr. Sobia Ansari, an emergency physician, said. "These are all signs that you are becoming dehydrated and that you are especially vulnerable to heat illness. The same thing applies to children."

She also reminds us cars can heat up very quickly so don't leave kids or pets in a car, even for a second.

A few things parents can do to ensure summer safety: Plan your kids' activities in the morning or evening.

And make sure they begin drinking water a few hours before heading outside, to get a jump start on hydration.

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