BRANSON WEST, Mo. — Plans are in the works to transform hundreds of vacant acres in Branson West. The area is located just above the now defunct Indian Ridge Project.

“We’re just starting to get some excitement going on and the phone is starting to ring,” said land owner Dennis Dougherty, a partner with M D & D Investors LLC.   

The area covers about 800 acres. It’s been what many call an eye sore for almost a decade. Dougherty says he purchased the land back in 2015.   

“We’re getting ready to put a new traffic light in to begin some construction on this property,” Dougherty said.

He believes the traffic light will add the necessary curb appeal.

“We feel like the traffic light is going to be a big game changer for our landscape right here,” said Dougherty, “to show that we’re finally getting something done on this property.”

He says the ideas are pouring in. However, Dougherty has some ideas about what he’d like to see developed on the vacant property. 

“Ideally, we’d like to see some hotel sites. We’ve had some discussion with some people that have wanted some senior living, assisted living,” said Dougherty,”We’ve talked to some people about a medical complex. There’s some entertainment people that would like.. you know with Silver Dollar City here, it’s a natural fit.”

Although it may be a mystery as to exactly what’s going on this vacant property, Dougherty says, the city is cooperating.

“We’ve had such excellent cooperation from the commissioners. The Stone County Commissioners in the town of Branson West have been outstanding to work with,” said Dougherty.

A groundbreaking ceremony is set for sometime next month.