SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a woman with felony warrants and is asking the community for help.

Savannah Paige Barton, 28, of Springfield is wanted for violating her probation for three felony charges: one first-degree count of making a terrorist threat, possession of a controlled substance, and felony forgery.

Barton was sentenced to eight years in prison for the terrorist threat charge, but that sentence was suspended and replaced with supervised probation. She called in a false bomb threat at Reed Middle School in 2019. She began to violate the conditions of her probation for this charge in July of 2020, according to court records. A warrant was put out for her arrest in April of this year.

She told police that the reason she called in the bomb threat was to avoid being arrested for a different charge.

Barton received a felony count of possession of a controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana in April of 2017. She was sentenced to five years for this charge, but this prison term was suspended and replaced with probation.

Barton was sentenced to five years in prison for a felony charge of forgery. That sentence was replaced with supervised probation.

Barton was sentenced to two years in prison in 2017 for misdemeanor charges of resisting or interfering with an arrest and fourth-degree domestic assault. That sentence was replaced with two years of probation.

The Willard Police Department charged Barton with a count of prostitution in October of 2021. She began to fail to appear for the court dates associated with this charge around March of 2022, according to court records.

In 2018, Barton went missing for five days. It was suspected that she was abducted by two men and a woman by force. Five days later, police found her and canceled the search. The three suspects were arrested for kidnapping.

If anyone has any information on Barton’s whereabouts, they’re being asked to call the Greene County Sheriff’s Office’s crime tip hotline at 417-829-6230.