DALLAS — (CBS News) – The warning surrounding the THC laced candies is specifically for the so-called gummy edibles.

Those are illegal in Texas. They look just like these right here that you buy at the store which is making it even harder for people to tell the difference between them.

Dr. James Pinckney of Diamond Physicians in Dallas is urging people to keep an eye out for edible THC laced gummy candies.

Dr. Pinckney said, “The gummy bear form is the most prevalent form right now.”

The DEA confirms to CBS 11 it’s doing more and more investigations of cannabis- infused gummies in north Texas. They say they’ve had an uptick in seizures of the gummies. The edibles are legal in some states, but not in Texas. It is illegal to manufacture or sell these products. But somehow they’re showing up here.

“You were saying the potency of these edible gummies can be quite high?”

Dr. Pinckney said, “THC laced candies could be two to 100 times pore potent than traditional marijuana.”

And according to Dr. Pinckney that can lead to extreme side effects.

Dr. Pinckney said, “You can have anxiety, auditory and visual hallucinations. So those are some things to look out for if you think your child has consumed some edible candy that is laced with THC.”

But there are some things parents can do to minimize the risk of exposing their kids to those edibles.   First, Dr. Pinckney says throw away any candy not wrapped by a known candy manufacturer.

“So if you see something in saran wrap. Or tin foil that is a red flag – do not consume that candy.”

And if the wrapping is unfamiliar he says parents should make common sense decisions.

Dr. Pinckney said, “If you have any reservations about the candy, throw it in the trash can.”

Dr. Pinckney says so far there is no proof that these edibles have been deadly, but they certainly can have an adverse effect on children. He reminds parents a little common sense goes a long way.