DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. — A man has been charged with multiple counts of Terrorist Threats and a count of making a false bomb threat in the city of Buffalo.

According to a Dallas County Sheriff’s Office press release, Matthew Fleetwood was charged with four counts of terrorist threat 2nd degree and one count of making a false bomb threat.

On May 9, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and Buffalo Police responded to the Dallas County Library about a letter that was found inside the book drop-off. The letter said there were seven devices in and around the city of Buffalo with one device in the school. The letter described the device as using chemicals and capable of leaving a hole the size of a football field.

According to police, the author referred to himself as “Jack” and was hired to kill Matthew Fleetwood. The letter included locking Fleetwood and his wife in a motel, paying $1.5 million to Fleetwood for his pain and suffering and allowing their children to visit once a week.

Police searched all school, county and city buildings and found no evidence of danger.