DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. — The owner of a Dallas County dog-breeding company admitted to failing to provide her dogs with proper care.

According to a press release, Corey Mincey, who owns Puppy Love Kennel, admitted to several failures in a consent judgment with Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

Mincey admitted that she failed to provide her dogs with the required medical care from a licensed veterinarian, maintain individual health records for all her animals and provide a written program of adequate veterinary care.

She also failed to provide clean and safe living spaces for the dogs by not providing continuous access to potable drinking water free from contaminants, sanitizing water receptacles and keeping the facilities clean from excessive feces, hair, food waster, cobwebs and dead flies, according to the release.

Mincey also did not separate puppies from adult dogs, “which likely resulted in wounds to the puppies.”

Mincey is banned from any activity that requires an animal care license for at least eight years and is not allowed to purchase dogs or cats. She also faces a maximum $10,000 fine.

All dogs in the kennel have been rehomed.

Mincey was fined for violating the Animal Care Facilities Act in March 2020. Early in 2022, the Attorney General’s Office moved for contempt after she refused to allow her facilities to be inspected. In December 2022, an outbreak of canine parvovirus resulted in the deaths of multiple dogs at her kennel.