WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo. — An early morning call led Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District to a train fire.

The train fire was near the crossing of Farm Road 170, in rural Webster County. The call came in around 7 a.m. on Friday, September 8. The train was carrying coal. When firefighters arrived, they were able to locate the source of the fire as well as shut off fuel pumps that were feeding the flames.

The fire could have an impact on travel later in the day, explains Logan Rogersville Fire Chief Richard Stirts, “The train tracks are shut down so this whole line from Springfield to West Plains is standing still. There maybe traffic impacts we don’t even know about. So, if you’re at a crossing where the trains have a delay, you could be impacted and it’s due to this situation here in Rogersville.”

Courtesy of Logan Rogersville Fire Protection District Facebook page

Four fire protection districts were involved in putting the fire out.