JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – One man was hurt after a garage collapse Tuesday morning in Jefferson County. The collapse happened around 10 a.m. Tuesday in the 62000 block of Ruble Lane in Cedar Hill.

The victim is being rushed to a hospital for treatment. His injuries are considered moderate, but non-life-threatening, according to Cedar Hill Fire Chief Mick Fischer.

Fischer tells FOX 2 the victim recently purchased the property that collapsed. He was in the process of evaluating the house and garage in an anticipation of demolishing the property

While working on the garage, the roof collapsed on the victim. Luckily, he had his cell phone in his pocket and was able to call 911.

First responders used airbags and hydraulic rescue tools to lift the roof, locate the victim, and remove him. An ambulance took him to the hospital to be treated for multiple injuries.

No one else was hurt or inside during the collapse. The garage appears to to be a separate unit from the house.

The situation was described earlier in the morning as a “major rescue” situation. The High Ridge Fire Department and other agencies responded to the situation.

SkyFOX, powered by Bommarito Automotive Group, flew by the scene to survey the area.

This is a developing story. FOX 2 will update as more information becomes available.