Crews Begin Moving Ozark Mill

Today, crews began the first phase of construction on Historic Ozark Mill to move the nearly two centuries old structure 30 feet.

It's all a part of a major renovation project.

Video you're watching here is from 417 Drone imaging.

KOLR10 photographer Tim Leimkuhler has more on today's project, funded by Bass Pro's Johnny Morris.

Katie Mitchell/Bass Pro Communication Manager:

"Today we actually do begin the process of moving this nearly two centuries old structure approximately thirty feet to the west.  We need to move the mill to build up the foundation to completely rebuild that foundation, get it completely above the flood plain and to make sure that it is structurally sound for generations to come."

Gabriel Matyiko/VP Expert House Movers:

"There's a lot of different ways you can move a structure or building.  We are just rolling straight off the foundation so that it can be staged over here in the parking lot.  When it comes time to move it back we will set these tracks in reverse and push straight back in the other direction.  If anything was going to happen it would have been when we raised the building off the foundation because once it sits in the foundation it's in a static position, it's been sitting there for hundreds of years.  Once it goes up in the air it's on your equipment, you own the building at that point."

Steve Childers/Ozark City Administrator:

“Really for the city of Ozark, to celebrate something that is so significantly important to us.  The culture of Ozark, the Finley River.  It's just really going to be an amazing thing for us, for our whole community as well as our historic downtown.”

Kay Brock/Mill Neighbor:

“We think the mill will be turned into a lovely establishment whether it be a restaurant, gift shop, you know, whatever happens there, and it will bring employment to the area and we're just expecting it to be a bonus to the area.”


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