SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Cox Health is one of the latest to join in on efforts to help dispose of prescription medications safely. 

“Medication in itself is prescribed for the person it’s intended for,” said Pharmacist for Cox Health, Brittany Sturgeon. “Each person may have different needs or tolerances based on medication that’s prescribed to them.” 

Sturgeon said drug-take back boxes help aid in the growing need of patients wanting to dispose of medications safely. 

“We have a lot of medications that patients don’t typically use up or expired out before they can be completely used,” said Sturgeon. “We’ve noticed that there’s a need for patients to have access to take back programs that are more local, available at all times.”

Don Wells of  Alternatives Counseling said as a Drug Abuse Specialist he seconds the importance of proper drug storage and disposal . 

“I think it helps to have an anonymous way of exposing of their medications if they don’t need them anymore or maybe they had them and didn’t really want to have them,” said Wells. “They can go there and dispose of them safely, opposed to throwing them out and a kid could get them.” 

However, Sturgeon realizes there are times you might not have access to one of these boxes. 

“For any of our non-harmful or controlled substance medications, dispose it in a Ziploc bag filled with an undesirable substance such as coffee grounds, kitty litter and or dirt,” said Sturgeon. 

The FDA also has a list of flush-able medications.