BRANSON, Mo. — A new service offered by Cox Health puts a visit to the doctor’s office right at your finger tips. In addition, it makes the visit a lot less expensive.

It’s called “Virtual Visits” — where people needing medical attention can get it via a computer, or another electronic device, in a matter of minutes.

“Right now we’re offering virtual visits for $20 a visit. So, the plan code you’ll use is ‘Flu-20’,” said Tabitha Ferwalt, Virtual Visits Product Manager.

You start the process by logging onto your computer, smart phone, or tablet, using a special code — and just like going to the doctors office in person, you give information about yourself — only this time, you’re doing it electronically.   

“The first question it asks you is if you’re in the state of Missouri — and that’s important because we only can see patients if they’re in the state of Missouri currently,” Ferwalt said.

Virtual Visits is especially convenient for those who may not be able to get to the doctor in person.

“Sometimes transportation is an issue,” said Ferwalt, “So, with virtual visits, it was a way for us to reach more of our patients that needed that care.”

After you’ve finished filling in your personal information, a Cox Health Patient Navigator gets more information about you and the type of care you need. Afterwards, they contact a provider. Then, after a short wait, a provider logs on and sees you via webcam before making a diagnosis — even writing an e-prescription if necessary.  

Ferwalt says Virtual Visits cut down on spreading illnesses, because it keeps people out of the emergency room.

The “Flu-20” special will be offered now until March 31st of next year.