In this segment of Everyone’s Child, Frances Lin looks at the success stories of men.

Cody Stone used to sell drugs and dropped out of high school, his teachers and principal did not believe he “belongs in school.”

He went to jail for three and a half years and didn’t see his kids for two years.

When he finally saw his kids, he said they changed so much he wished he never went down that bad path.

He went through the “Good Dads” program and learned how to become a better father.

For example, one of the things he learned was to not tell your kids to do something, but rather show them how to do it.

Sterling Mathis owns two haunted houses in Springfield, hotel of terror and dungeons of doom.

Mathis specifically hires boys who seem “troubled,” or has bad temper and anger.

He shows those boys how to express their anger, by using his haunted houses.

After these boys worked for Mathis for a while, they started becoming more easy-going, their anger faded away, and a lot of them are married with kids now.