By now, most of us have seen the stereotypical smart home gadgets the gateway, if you will, to home automation and a more productive you.

We won’t bore you with that.

We set out to 3D Smart Homes in Springfield to ask Jason Eckstein for the cutting edge. Because let’s face it, smart homes are getting smarter by the minute.
Years ago, turning on and off your lights with an app was cool. Today, that’s child’s play.

Circadian rhythm or mimicking the 24-hour cycle in your house is the future. 
“We need blue light to get work done,” Eckstein said. “We need sunlight to make us active and to give us the light that we need. What we have done with smart homes is change our lighting fixtures to change colors throughout the day.”
Caring for the elderly is also an emerging trend in home automation. Sensors and cameras typically used for our convenience are now being deployed to check in on loved ones. Did grandpa take his pills or eat a healthy meal today?
If time is of the essence verify it in the palm of your hand. 

“It really allows us to still care for everyone, but give us our time back,” Eckstein said. “That’s something we all really need.”

“I literally drive my day with the computer, with Google, and it just saves so much time,” said Ellen Rohr, a business owner.

Rohr is also a financial expert that works remotely from her home in Rogersville, Missouri. We’ve all heard the cliche that time is money but in Ellen’s case, embracing the latest and greatest in automation both at work and at home grants her ease of mind. 
“I would rather live my life,” Rohr said. “So apps just make it easier for me to find the time to do the things that I really want to do.”
Now, for the drawbacks. 
Some of this technology is to the point where we can unlock the front door with our iPhones. The downfall to this is that if you don’t have a strong WiFi password, hackers can have access to not only your coffee maker but also your lights and your front door. The other major downfall could come in your connectivity. With all of these smart devices, it’s not unheard of to have at least 30 devices connected to your home network at any time. That’s why the pros say that you really need to upgrade your hardware.