SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–The midwest and the east coast arent’t the only places battling the brutal winter weather. People overseas in Lebanon are trying to survive the harsh conditions as well. That’s why Convoy of Hope is makiing sure residents and refugees stay warm. 

The organization is working with their partner in the country to provide heathing oil to those hardest hit by the storm. 

From Washington, D.C. to overseas in Lebanon, this year’s harsh winter isn’t discriminating; making the conditions in Lebanon especially dire.

“Low line areas have a lot of flooding, high water more than usual. Some of the higher elevations have received up to ten feet of snow in some places,” says National Convoy of Hope Spokesman, Jeff Nene.

The effects from the weather are so severe in Lebanon that Convoy of Hope is helping them stay warm with heating oil.

 “That’s what we’ve been told is the biggest need right now. We’re going to set up a voucher system whereby we can give out in these camps and in these neighborhoods vouchers to people that are really in need,” says Nene. 

Those hardest hit are refugees living in tents.

 “There’s snow all around, they’re very cold, they’re hungry, and they don’t know when help is going to come,” says Nene. 

Jeff Nene asks that even though the country is distracted with the government shutdown to not forget about the people in Lebanon who have it far worse.

“We have problems in our country, but these are life and death problems that these folks are facing right now,” says Nene. 

The worst isn’t behind the people of Lebanon, Nene says the country is bracing for another arctic blast soon.

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