Concerned Neighborhood Associations Talk Explosion Scare

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- After waking to the sound of an explosion at about 5:30 Thursday morning, Rita Silic, in a shaken state matched only by her furniture, reached for the phone and dialed 9-1-1. Next, she checked with the neighbors. 

"Before I even got the [Facebook post] out I got a private message that said 'Did you hear that?'," she explains.

Across town, others did the same. Some left comments on neighborhood Facebook pages and others reported it to dispatch as a noise disturbance. 

The call from Rita's house came in as a “shots heard”, though, she says she never said that. 

"I knew instantly what it was because we've had this happen many times," she says.

Down the street, local mechanic Ronald Ray is having a similar morning. 

"It was about 5 o'clock in the morning I heard a big explosion," he reports.

He was getting ready for work at that time. 

"It shook my house," he says. 

His family was still asleep though. 

"My whole house,” he says. “It woke up my wife and it woke up my daughter."

And now, he too is sharing his theory. It's the same as Rita's. 

"It's about a mile west of where I'm standing," says Ray.

"As the crow flies I'm one mile," Silic said earlier that day. 

Both claim the explosions are the result of a neighboring business heavy machinery-- which have caused them trouble before but have never been as bad as this morning. 

However, KOLR10 reached out to the company-- offering a chance to respond. The company failed to comment but not before questioning whether the sound was from the neighboring train tracks. 

"The trains sound like thunder. This is earth-shaking," Rita argues.

“Trains make a bang but not as loud as them," Ronald says.

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