Community Finishes Rebuilding Owner's Truck After His Death

MILLER, Mo. – The town of Miller has been waiting for this day for almost exactly a year. On Saturday at the Miller Festival, one family unveiled a months-long project.

Hundreds of hours and dozens of helping hands worked to revitalize an old pick-up truck. There’s not much old about it anymore, other than the memories it brings back.

Everyone in town has a part in the new blue truck making its debut at the festival parade. Unfortunately for Tina and David Rose, the country boy who had the biggest part in the rebuild, couldn’t make it Saturday.

"He's here.... yeah, he's here,” Rose said.

His wife added, "All the time I talk out loud... ‘hey Kirk what do you think of this?’ And I just wish I could hear your answer."

The mom and dad duo can hear their son Kirk Rose, who was affectionately referred to as Rosie, when they hear the truck come down the driveway.

"When you hear it, you see it, you think of him,” Rose said.

His son’s dream was to rebuild a big, fast truck. The plans fell through when he died in a car accident on a country road near home in September 2016. The morning after the accident, Rose called neighbor Chad Ricketts.

"He had two favors. He wanted to know if I'd be a pallbearer for the funeral, and if I'd be up to the challenge of working on the truck,” Ricketts said. “And it's been my honor and privilege to do both of those."

Nearly a year later, the 26-year-old’s hometown is Rollin’ 4 Rosie, the name given to his big blue truck. As it turns out, he never told anyone all of the details about the truck.

"Kirk had talked to each of us bits and pieces about the truck,” Ricketts said.

So they had to come together to figure out exactly how to finish it.

"Fifty-five people that's worked on this truck,” Rose said.

Ricketts remembers getting everyone together, "We just got a dry erase board out and had to compare notes. He'd talked about the lift to somebody, the engine to somebody else."

Now that the puzzle’s complete, they might just have to drive it.                          

"We run it down the road for the first time at 12:45 last night and one neighbor came up this morning and said 'I heard it come down the road, but I got a big smile on my face cause I knew what it was,’” Rose said.

The family told KOLR10 it knew how important Rosie was in their lives, but never realized how much he touched others until he passed away.

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