JOPLIN, Mo. — A little comfort from a furry friend, went a long way for the many victims scarred by the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“Petting the dog allows them to relax and often times smile for the first time in a long time and that’s what we do,” Jason Glaskey from Immanuel Lutheran Church said.

For one week, Joplin comfort dogs Louie and Jackson from Immanuel Lutheran Church nuzzled into thousands of open arms.  

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are or anything like that, our dogs love to be with people, all kinds of people,” said Glaskey.  

The comfort dogs visited memorial services, hospitals, nursing homes, emergency centers, and Mandalay Bay — receiving love and appreciation.

“I think it was satisfying for them to be able to do their job and they didn’t really know where they were or how things were different they just knew that this the day they get to what they do best,” Glaskey said.

Jackson and Louie got several breaks, shedding their vests, to be normal dogs because traumatic events can also be stressful for them.

“The dogs get to play with one another, chase the ball, get to roam free and sleep and eat and play and do those kind of things,” said Glaskey.

The pair weren’t the only golden retrievers there. Seventeen other comfort dogs from around the country through Lutheran Church Charites also provided support.