Colorado 9-Year-Old Changes Law Banning Snowball Fights

SEVERANCE, Co. -- A 9-year old northern Colorado boy helped change a decades-old law banning snowball fights in his town.

 In the farm fields of northern Colorado, down the straight stretch of country highway, sits the tiny town of severance. 

"There's nothing really big. No stores really." 

A place where no matter how cold the weather is, there's always a warm welcome.

"We get quite a bit of snow. I can feel it coming in, it's getting cold." 

 Shebrews Coffee Shop is the gossip hotspot. 

"Yes, we have eyes on everything!" 

 Everything except one thing and it has to do with a really old law. 

In Severance, you can make as many snowballs as you want but it's illegal to throw them. 

"Is it?"

"It is," the reporter said.

"No way. That's so weird." 

 Across the street at town hall, 9-year-old Dane Best thought so too. 

"That is crazy," Dane said.

"Cause, cause little kids should be able to throw snowballs with each other," Dane said.

 It was standing room only to hear the outcome of this very important change.

"I'm here today to hopefully change the law about throwing snowballs," Dane said. "Today's kids need (a) reason to play outside."

And after a short debate:

"Sounds like you have a unanimous pass."

Cheers for the young man who changed the law.

"That's awesome. I love that." 

And it didn't take long to take advantage of the newly approved ammo. 

"It's the most pure form of fun ever." 

A snowy symbol.

"You can make any change. It doesn't require an age." 

That everyone can leave their mark.

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