SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – It’s been a busy few days for tree removal and roofing companies following Sunday night’s powerful storm. Those companies said they expect repair work from this storm to last at least through the end of August.

“This has been a pretty wild storm for us,” Matt Hoving with Ryan Lawn and Tree said. “Usually we’re used to getting little bursts and pockets of town. This one really is way more widespread. So we’ve been jumping everywhere, trying to get the most dangerous ones done first, where there’s trees on houses or cars, that’s a priority.”

Hoving said the company has received roughly 250 calls for service since Monday.

“We’re trying to be mindful of not burning guys out because we’re going to be doing this for the next month at least,” Hoving said.

Ryan Lawn and Tree is not the only one with a high call volume.

“We probably had 100 office calls,” Midwest Roofing Project Manager Tom Rogers said. “Just because I’ve been in the market so long in the business, my phone was literally blowing up all weekend and beyond. You go from place to place and see the different types of damage that you see, but it’s all unique and it’s very emotional for people.”

Rogers said the damage ranges from damaged singles, sticks breaking through the drywall, and gutters torn off houses.

“If you’ve got a tree on the roof, even if it’s just some scarring to the shingles and things like that, you’re still going to have to have something done with that so that you’re not having problems down the road,” Rogers said.

Rogers is asking for people to be patient, as they work through all the calls for service.

“There’s so many homes that are damaged and there’s only so many people to help with the damage,” Rogers said.

Both Midwest Roofing and Ryan Lawn and Tree are responding first to calls that present the most danger for residents. But once the danger is removed, some are left staring at a much different landscape.

“To wake up in the morning to see this kind of destruction to your property, there’s no words for it,” Pam Wagnon said.

Wagnon woke up Monday morning to find her backyard torn apart. She had three trees either split or uprooted because of the storm.

“We had to take one that was definite dangers to people,” Wagnon said. “It took three days to get somebody out here to take it off the fence line. There is a huge waitlist. They’re taking the first priorities of dangerous ones and they’re going from there. Then, you have to wait for them to come back in when they get a chance to do it in sections in time when they have the time.”

Wagnon said her roof and fence were also damaged, and will have to be replaced with the trees which will likely cost thousands of dollars.

“We would sit out here,” Wagnon said “We had hammocks set up on the deck for coffee in the morning with privacy and shade at the house. We have nothing left.”

If you have a tree on your roof, Midwest Roofing suggests calling a professional before filing an insurance claim.

“I ran into several that filed a claim, they really didn’t need to file a claim,” Rogers said. “They’re going to get a adjuster out. It’s a no payout claim that’s going to go on the record. So the best thing is have a professional come out, assess it, inspect it, and then at that point make a recommendation about calling insurance.”