UPDATE 9:01 p.m. – The City of Springfield has unanimously voted to repeal the condemnation of property at the Hotel of Terror.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – After the Hotel of Terror was able to get thousands of votes to petition the eminent domain status, City Council had 30 days to repeal the eminent domain ordinance. City Council will be voting on the Hotel of Terror’s future tonight.

At 6:30 p.m. at Historic City Hall, the Springfield City Council will decide if they are going to repeal the eminent domain on the Hotel of Terror or put the ordinance to a special election.

According to a statement by The City of Springfield:

The City has a process for referendum petitions set forth in the City Charter. Under the Charter, if a referendum petition is certified as sufficient, the ordinance specified in the petition is suspended. Council must vote on whether to repeal the ordinance within 30 days of the certification. If Council fails to repeal the ordinance, it must call a special election, and the ordinance will remain suspended unless the ordinance is approved by voters. If voters do not approve the ordinance, it is deemed repealed.


If the city calls for a special election, voters will see the issue in the polls on August 8. Voters will have the power to vote whether the ordinance remains or is repealed.

If the council votes to repeal, negotiations between both parties will continue.