SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The countdown is on! Christmas is right around the corner and one store is preparing to help get you into the holiday spirit.

The Habitat for Humanity Restore Christmas Extravaganza starts today.

Every purchase made at the Christmas Restore sale is going back to Habitat for Humanity to help the nonprofit continue building and repairing homes for local families.

“This next year we are slated to build 6 homes but along with that, we will probably help around 80 families with repairs,” said Beth Hughes, a donor and ambassador for the Habitat for Humanity Springfield. 

All year long, the re-store saves Christmas items that have been donated and puts them out for purchase on the first day of November.

You can find things like Christmas trees, ornaments, and home decorations.  

They’ll also have a food truck from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. just in case all that shopping makes you hungry.

Hughes said this event draws in huge crowds looking to cash in on some great deals, all for a good cause.

“It is so much fun because if you’re a shopper like I am, this is where you find the bargains and when we have people come in through the doors, you just see faces light up,” said Hughes. 

She said the non-profit raised over $10,000 last year.

“What we have is a mixture of new items from local businesses that we appreciate so much and then we get vintage items from people who and we all have been there, you have Christmas items that you don’t put out for 5 years, they’re still in a box in the attic and you think what can I do with these, bring them to the restore,” said Hughes.